Nov 20, 2008

Stillers/Pens Night!

Well, it's been about 6 months since I've published but man, I'm bored right now. We have our super busy times and slower times during the day and this is one of the lull's in "action." Ah, the exciting life of the health care industry.

Anyway, I'm excited for tonight, Pens AND Stillers on TV! The Bratz Girl will have to watch another TV, 'cause dad is takin' over the set for his own personal enjoyment. No Josh & Drake, SpongeBob (although I actually like that show) or Hannah Montana...parents, you know what I mean! My wife is going to the game, to freeze, with our cousin. It will be his first Stiller game and it's always good to bring kids into the Steeler nation. I'll stay home, watch both events on the big screen and be WARM!

I'm a little irritated by this snowfall, make that a LOT irritated. As I've gotten older, I've grown to loathe snow. I grew up in area where we got tons of it and I have had enough! I would move if the wife would, but no such luck. I skied my brains out as a kid and teen and now don't like that anymore. Oh, I just can't wait for a long, drawn out winter that is starting out to early...ha.

Done ranting for today, maybe tomorrow I'll have something better to say or maybe I'll wait another 6 months to post...

Douglas "DW" Berkley-

May 23, 2008

Lazy Damn Day

I'm so bored today...things are slow and I'm the only one here. Makes for a long. long. day. But hey, I'm able to do work on my business plan and get closer to those millions. More on that another day.

Ok, so last night was one of those times where time seems to stand still and you see things in slo-mo. The Bratz girl was riding her little 2 wheel scooter (which she's quite good at), waiting for the wife and I to go for a walk around the 'hood. Well, I happened to step outside first and was watching her, coasting at a pretty good clip down the sidewalk. That's when it happened. It was in super slo-mo...her scooter hit a little bump, she fell off to the side and let go of it and after a step or 2 of running, fell smack on to her face for the most part in the driveway. As a parent, it was scary. I thought to myself that this was surely the time and place where she would loose her first teeth! So I ran down to her and as I'm on my way down, she has that delayed reaction of sitting up for a split second, then starting to cry. The picture here w/ the little war wound on the nose...that's nada compared to today. I need to get a little pic, it looks like she fought a cougar, poor thing! Other than a scratched up nose and a mark on the chin and hand, she was relatively ok. The wife came out wondering what the commotion was all about, then quickly came down as Bratz was asking for mom. It was a scary thing to see, but she's gonna be fine and that's all that matters and she's my world!

Ok, time to roll to the lake for the weekend! MUST pick up Miller Lite and watch the Pens on Saturday night! We're on a mission, Go Pens!

May 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Alright, I've decided to jump back on this horse and use the old blog to vent, educate, share the dumb things that happen to me and anything else I please. I'm finding I need an outlet and what better place than this ol' blog, where everything is public. Ha.

The only thing I want to say today is GO PENS!!! I cannot wait to watch this series, should be a very good one if the teams put on the skating display they are capable of doing. Detroit is good and a solid team, but they're sorta old and I think we have a good shot at beating their collective asses. My prediction is Pens in 6...players to watch will be Malkin and Staal. I expect things from those 2. Just a gut feeling.

I'll have to take a break from lake action...we're all heading up tomorrow night. If the weather holds, it should be real sweet and a great time. Our wives and kids all they bro-in-laws just drink beer. It's Lovely! The lake, sun, family, beer, food and Pens...sounds like a winner to me.